hell discography

(Current lineup, l to r: Dani Löble, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner, Michael Weikath, Andi Deris)

Albums & Singles

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Vocal: Andi Deris Kai Hansen Michael Kiske

Pumpkins United

Pumpkins United
Single (2017)

Sweet Seductions

Sweet Seductions 
Best album (2017)

My God-Given Right

My God-Given Right 
album (2015)

ball Battle's Won

Straight Out Of Hell

Straight Out Of Hell
album (2013)

ball Burning Sun

7 sinners

7 Sinners
album (2010)

ball Are You Metal?

Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary
album (2009)
Gambling With The Devil
album (2007)

As Long As I Fall

Keeper of The Seven Keys-
The Legacy World Tour 2005- 2006
Live in Sao Paulo CD & Live on 3 Contenents DVD

Live album (2007)
Keeper of The Seven Keys - The Legacy Keeper of The Seven Keys
- The Legacy

album (2005)
Mrs. God
Light The Universe
Rabbit Don't Come Easy
album (2003)

Just A Little Sign

Treasure Chest
best album
The Dark Ride The Dark Ride
album (2000)

If I Could Fly

Metal Jukebox Metal Jukebox
cover song album (1999)

Lay All Your Love On Me

Karaoke Remix Karaoke Remix 1&2
karaoke album (1998)
Better Than Raw Better Than Raw
album (1998)

I Can
Hey Lord
Pumpkin Box Pumpkin Box
best album 4-box cd
High Live High Live
live album (1996)
The Time of The Oath The Time Of The Oath
album (1996)
The Time of The Oath
Forever And One
Master of The Rings Master Of The Rings
album (1994)
Mr. Ego
Perfect Gentleman
Sole Suvivor
Chameleon Chameleon
album (1993)
When The Sinner
I Don't Wanna Cry No More
Step Out of Hell
Pink Bubbles Go Ape Pink Bubbles Go Ape
album (1991)

Kids of The Century
Number One
Keepers Live Keepers Live / Live In UK
live album (1989)
Keeper 2 The Keeper of The Seven Keys II
album (1988)

Dr. Stein
I Want Out
Keeper 1 The Keeper of The Seven Keys I
album (1987)

Future World
Walls of Jericho Walls of Jericho
album (1985)

Helloween Helloween
mini album (1985)

Video & DVD

Hellish Videos
DVD (2005)
Pumpkin Video DVD The Pumpkin Video
DVD (2000)
Pumpkin Video The Pumpkin Video
video (1994)
High Live High Live
live video (1996)
Video & DVD
masters11 Masters of Rock 2011
Various Aritst
DVD (2011)
Masters of Rock 2011
Bang Your Head 2006
Various Aritst
DVD (2007)
Bang Your Head 2006
Masters of Rock 2006
Various Aritst
DVD (2006)
Masters of Rock 2006
Live in Eindhoven Live in Eindhoven
Various Aritst
live video (1999)
Dynamo Open Air 1998
Monsters of Metal Monsters of Metal
DVD (2003)
Various Aritst
Monsters of Metal Vol.2
DVD (2004)
Various Aritst



Hellbook (2015) new

 30TH Anniversary - The Stroy of Helloween

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