Tour Date & Setlist - Better Than Raw Tour 1998

setlist sheet of show on June 23

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Date Hall name, City, Country
Apr. 26 Z nith, Lille, France
Apr. 27 Le Zénith, Nancy, France
Apr. 29 Palasport, Genoa, Italy
Apr. 30 Palasport, Florence, Italy
May 2 Palas, Pesaro, Italy
May 3 Paleur, Roma, Italy
May 5 Palavobis, Milano, Italy
May 6 Steadium Grezar, Trieste, Italy
May 8 Sporthalle Boblingen, Stuttgart, Germany
May 9 Music Hall, Hannover, Germany
May 10 Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
May 12 Z nith, Paris, France
May 13 Brabanthal, Leuven, Belgium
May 14 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 16 Brixton Academy, London, UK
May 18 Pabellon Val De Hebron, Barcelona, Spain
May 19 Pabellon del Real, Madrid, Spain
May 20 Pavillion, Cascais, Portugal
May 22 Pabellon Paco Paz, Orense, Spain
May 23 Feria De Muestres, Valladolid, Spain
May 24 Velodromo Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain
May 26 Velodroma Luis Puig, Valencia, Spain
May 27 Z nith, Pau, France
May 28 Z nith, Montpellier, France
May 31 Dynamo Open Air, Eindhoven, Netherland
June 2 Sportshall, Zlin, Hungary
June 3 Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary
June 6 Gods of Metal, Milan, Italy
June 7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland
June 9 Slavia Athletics Stadium, Prague, Czech
June 10 Spodek, Katowice, Poland
June 15 Shimin Kaikan, Fukuoka, Japan
June 16 Koseinenkin, Osaka, Japan
June 17 Imp Hall, Osaka, Japan
June 19 Kinro Kaikan, Nagoya, Japan
June 21 Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
June 22 Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokohama, Japan
June 23 Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
June 25 Kanni Hoken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Sept. 15 Colosseum, Munich, Germany
Sept. 16 Stadthalle, Furth, Germany
Sept. 18 ThEingenhalle, Erfurt, Germany
Sept. 19 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Sept. 20 Copenhagen, Denmark
Sept. 23 Jäähalli,, Helsinki, Finland
Sept. 25 Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden
Sept. 27 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Sept. 28 Columbia Halle, Berlin, Germany
Sept. 29 Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
Oct. 1 Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany
Oct. 2 Eulachalle, Wintherhur, Switzerland
Oct. 3 Elysee, Montmartre, France
Oct. 5 Palais Des Sports, Besançon, France
Oct. 6 Transbordeur, Villeurbanne, France
Oct. 8 Pabellon Pincipe Felipe, Zaragoza, Spain
Oct. 9 Bullring, Albacete, Spain
Oct. 10 Camp Footbol, Dos Hermanes, Spain
Oct. 13 Theatre de Verdure, Nice, France
Oct. 14 Le Zénith, Pau, France
Oct. 15 Clermont Ferrand, France
Oct. 17 LA2, London, UK
Oct. 24 Mylos, Thessaloniki, Greece
Oct. 25 Rodon Club, Athens, Greece
Oct. 29 Easy Schorre, Halle, Germany
Dec. 2 Metropolitan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dec. 5 Parque Antartica, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec. 6 Pedreira Paulo Leminsk, Curitiba, Brazil
Dec. 10 Velodromo, Santiago, Chile
Dec. 12 Sarsfield Stadium, Velez, Argentina
Dec. 16 Volador, Circo, Mexico
Dec. 17 Volador, Circo, Mexico
Dec. 20 Coney Island High, New York, U.S.A